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About online dating

The more traditional ways of meeting other singles/new partners has received a lot of competition lately, this because of the strong evolution of the Internet. Today more and more people discover online dating with all of its benefits.

In fact, it has grown to a point that it has surpassed meeting through friends and acquaintances.  Online dating gives everyone tremendous opportunities to meet people they probably never would have met otherwise.

Sifo, a statistic company residing in Sweden conducted a survey. 1111 women and men of age 25-60 participated. The common denominator was that they all initiated a new relationship in the past four years. The question they received was, how did they meet their partner?


23% through online dating - Go to Sportdate
21% through friends and acquaintances
14% at work
13% at the pub/nightclub
8% at a dinner/private party
4% at school/the university
4% through spare time activities/common interests
3% on a journey/on holiday
2% at a public spot
0% through ads in a magazine/newspaper

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