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Our environmental policy

Sportdate aims to protect the environment in our everyday work but also when attending or hosting activities on the spot. Here are some of our environmental actions up to date:

We try to avoid traveling, but when we travel ...

... we use the train instead of flying when possible and reasonable.
... we use public transport whenever possible.
... we stay at eco-oriented hotels whenever possible.

• We try to keep our fleet of vehicles to a minimum. The ones we have are green vehicles.
• We don’t hand out our presentation at our events (paper form).
• We only offer tap water at our events.
• We use digital business cards via mobile phone or email.
• Sportdate has no need for warehouses, and strives to have as few branches as possible.
  At the offices we turn off the lights in rooms we’re not using at the moment, and when we leave for the day. We offer real china,   glassware and cutlery instead of paper cups and plastic.
• All of our "paperwork" including accounting is done to the fullest extent possible using computers. We recycle and make use of renewable materials wherever possible.
• All payments, including invoices and billing reminders are made entirely electronically.
• We ensure that quarterly and annual reports are available for download, instead of distributing paper copies. All public material is available in downloadable format only.
• Currently all marketing measures and communication is done through social networking, Google, radio, television and Internet marketing, i.e. with as little environmental impact as possible.
• We use eco-friendly cleaning products when we clean.
• We send electronic Christmas cards to our employees.

Sportdate will ...

... in the decisions we make and the actions we perform take environmental considerations so that we through continuous improvements can reduce our environmental impact and prevent pollution in our business, both large and very, very small ones.

Sportdate will ...

... comply with laws and regulations and cooperate with agencies and organizations so that our environmental program is designed in tune with society's environmental goals.

In conclusion...

... environmental awareness permeates everything we do. We shall lead the way in our branch within the eco sector. Our employees will have training, responsibility and authority to continually reduce our environmental impact and prevent pollution. We’ll continuously improve on our environmental expertise, and communicate our environmental policy to employees, customers and partners, thus actively trying to influence others to follow our example. The environment is everyone's responsibility, both as private individuals and corporate.