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Safe dating

It’s very important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at Sportdate, go to - Sportdate UK. To become a member you must be at least 18 years old. We review all profiles, both texts and profile pictures. In this way we’re sure that all the material complies with the rules and guidelines of Sportdate. You shouldn’t receive messages that are of an offensive or harassing nature. If this happens, report it straight away to our support department.

Anonymity and security

At Sportdate all members can be anonymous, and get to know each other before deciding to meet. Use the anonymity factor and restrain your new acquaintance initially to the walls of Sportdate, and according to our recommendations below. This way you increase the chances of meeting reliable partners and ensure a safer dating experience. It’s strictly forbidden to provide your real full name, phone number or any kind of contact information in your profile, your blog, in a public comment, or elsewhere at Sportdate. Sportdate urges all members to be extremely cautious if another member brings up his/hers financial issues, or in any way refers to money. Members who bring economical subjects to your communication might have dishonest intentions. Chances are that the other party is attempting online fraud. We strongly discourage you from sending money to anyone, regardless of the amount. If you suspect anyone do not hesitate to contact our support immediately.

We don’t recommend handing over your home address or phone number before feeling good and confident about your new acquaintance. If you stick to our recommendations, dating online with Sportdate is as safe as meeting up anywhere else.

Our advice for a fun and safe dating experience

- Choose a public spot for your date, preferably somewhere you’ve been before. This also applies to meeting new workout partners and friends.

- Choose a time when there are lots of people around.

- Tell people you already know about your date, where you’re going etc.

- Don’t meet up at someone’s home during the first couple of dates.

- Question things that doesn’t make sense told by your date.

- Don’t agree to financial demands coming from your date.

- Remember, you decide when it’s time to meet. Don’t let anyone accelerate your decision!

Follow our advice to increase your chances of a great experience at Sportdate,
We wish you lots of luck!
The Sportdate staff