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Below we list some of the submitted successful love stories:

- I met Sebastian at Sportdate.
The first time that we met for a coffee we talked for 4 hours! The second time we played tennis. Exercising and a healthy lifestyle in general is a common interest we share that is very important to us. Now one month has passed and we meet and talk every day.  – Henrik 2013.

- I met a workout partner. I’m stoked about it, it’s not easy to find one in the sport I practice.  –Anders 2013.

- I’ve now met an interesting girl, whom I’ll continue dating. –David 2013.

Prizes won by one of our members

A workout with Paolo Roberto, a famous Swedish celebrity at the Selma Spa. When I received the mail stating I won the contest I was stoked, a trip to the Selma Spa, these things happen to others, rarely or never to me. Full of expectations, nervous and very happy I headed for Sunne, the resort in the north of Sweden where the Selma Spa is found. I hade no idea what to expect….not at all knowing how tough this weekend would turn out to be...

At the arrival me and my workout partner was treated to a warm welcome by the staff, showing us to our rooms…Oh my, It was truly amazing, big windows showing of a Sunne covered by snow…is this true I thought…the luxury! - Alias gummiboll 2011
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